Sunday School

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Bethesda provides a safe, fun environment for your children to learn about Jesus.



Deep Blue connects At Home with God is this fall school school curriculum. The fall semester kicks off in September through November with the following themes: September - Jesus' Family; October - We are Family; and November - Different Kinds of Family.

Deep B.L.U.E. Philosophy: Be with God, Love God and neighbor, Understand yourself as a child of God, and Explore faith and the Bible.


Bethesda has lesson plans geared toward three different ages/grades: 

Preschool - ages 3-4

Early Elementary - ages 5-6

Older Elementary - ages 9-10 and up to age 13


To ensure the safety of your child we ask that you register your child(ren) for Sunday School. Registration gives us information about your child including age, allergies, who is able to drop off or pick up your child during services. This allows us to ensure safety first for your child(ren). Click here to register (LINK TO REGISTRATION FORM COMING SOON).


Bethesda implements Safe Sanctuary procedures for Sunday School class room(s).